Digital Ads is one of the top social media marketing  companies located in Bangalore with years of experience in designing sitemaps that will improve your website’s search engine ranking. Social media channels are a significant source of information and news in today’s digital world. However, this is not all. Search rankings and digital marketing are also affected by social media presence.

According to statistics, the world’s population of social media users has increased to 4.57 billion. In 2022, 346 million more social media users will be added. Global Web Index also shows that social media users multi-network on at least eight social media platforms daily, with an average time of 2 hours and 24 minutes.

To Increase the Number Of Lead


This begins with writing high-quality and engaging content for social media pages as well as engaging and understanding the followers, studying results, and then running ads on social media.

Use Relevant Traffic On The Internet


Digital Ads Agency creates compelling content that enhances your brand’s visibility and oversees the management of communications across all social media channels, thereby providing the results you want.

What Social Media Channels or platforms do we focus on?


Our agency for marketing on social media is involved in a variety of Social Media channels daily. This gives us the expertise needed to recommend the most appropriate platforms for your business and create customized social media solutions to address daily problems:



Facebook is often referred to as the most powerful social media platform, this has a broad reach and truly global reach.



Instagram adds some zing to your everyday life. Yet, the majority of users visit businesses’ profiles through instagram!



Twitter has come a long way from just 180 characters to 240. It hosts the tiniest of household rants, to do decision-making.



Pinterest hosts more than 250 million users who are actively and efficiently searching for ideas that are creative and practical products!



The most widely utilized professionally-oriented social network. If you’re a professional but not on LinkedIn you must be doing something wrong!

How do you get the most out of your budget for advertising? A peek inside Digital Ads’ top secrets!


Many social media platforms offer advertising options. Making sure you are making the right choice and selecting the right social media marketing solutions in Bangalore to target your customers isn’t easy. When deciding which social media platforms to advertise on make sure you choose the ones that are well-performing organically. Social media networks in which your product or content naturally connects with its users are the ideal choice for your initial social ad campaigns.

Facebook Ads by Digital Ads Agency

Facebook ads created for you by Digital Ads Social Media Agency in Bangalore will help you meet the following three main kinds of SMM services available in Bangalore goals

1. Build Awareness: Community building or expanding the impact of the brand’s message to an audience.

2. Attention: Invite traffic to your site, boost engagement by encouraging app downloads and views, generate leads, and encourage people to connect with you via Facebook Messenger.

3. Conversion Call-to-Action: Convert online to make the catalog online available and increase shoppers to offline stores.


Instagram ads by Digital Ads Agency

Facebook is the owner of yet another influential social media platform, i.e., Instagram. Therefore, it is not surprising that Instagram’s advertisements support the three main types of social media campaign goals as Facebook’s ads

Digital Ads Tips


 Facebook is very well-liked by a larger audience and across different demographics, thereby offering targeted options for targeting. This makes it an excellent opportunity to begin using social media ads for any kind of product or service.

Social media marketing services

Ad Tips for Social Media Marketing:


Social media ads are made up of auctions. Yes, some ads cost INR.1 up to more than 1 lakh. You can set the maximum amount you can bid to get a specific outcome (e.g. the click) and you can set a budget for each day. To get the most out of your social media marketing it is essential to establish Ad objectives before beginning your Ad campaign. Based on the goals of your campaign you’ll need to select the following options:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)
  • Cost per conversion
  • Cost per video view
  • Decide on the things you would like to do!

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